Korea was never a known country during the past hundred years. However, beginning the 21st century, Korea became known to many people  around the world since the proclaimed the year 2000 as ‘Visit Korea Year’. Korea had a slogan ‘Brilliant Light in the East’ which paved the way for Korea to be known all over the world when it boosted its economic activity.


During the dynasty era, many kings and queens wanted to get something from the east, the land of the morning calm. Kings say that there is a life in the east and they want to see the light from the land of Joseon. Korea GDP was lowest during the 1950’s to 1980’s. They were so poor that they could not imagine how they’ve gone this far. Now, they are one of the countries shining with industrialization and civilization.

The Miracle of the Han River happened in 2000. Han river is the longest river in Korea and has given life to millions of Koreans for thousands of years. However, a long bridge that is called the Hangang Railway Bridge was built as a highway over the river! Millions of people around the world was shocked to see the amazing development of Korea for just a few period of time. This has been a great amazing work of the Invisible Power. The Miracle of the Incheon Bridge is much more amazing, seeing that it is established over the sea and it is the longest bridge in Korea. Why did so many kings say that there is a light in the east, which they referred as Korea now?