Let us learn the 12 kinds of tea found in Korea

It is not just in the western countries that tea is favored but also in the Asian countries because there are many kinds of plants that could be made into tea products. Also because it is very healthy that many people love them and prefer them than other kinds of hot beverages. As we are […]

The list of 20 interesting facts you might not know about Korea

Today let us learn some of the things that you might not know about Korea. There are many things that you can know about a country like its geography, environment, economics and politics and much more. But today let us learn about some random things about Korea. We will know about those through a video […]

Korean food guide: The list of 9 delicious Korean street foods

Here is a part of the series of the foods that are from Korea. Because food is one of the pride of this country and it is very good because they are also healthy so we will give or make some articles centering about the food. This article would be followed more by other articles […]

Learning the different major holidays celebrated in Korea

When you are fond of holidays because of the different celebrations that are being done then when you will visit a country you can also search if it is the time for a holiday. But you should make a thorough and detailed research because there can be inconveniences during your travel due to the celebration. Find […]

Travel guide to Seoul, South Korea: The 25 things you can do and more

There are the travelers that are already traveling for years and so they have much experience but they still marvel at good places and food that they encounter along the way. Traveling can be expensive and so not all people can do it but in this days there are more of people who are traveling […]

The yummy kimbap: The 12 popular styles that you should taste

There are many popular Korean foods that we can be able to cook also if we can have the ingredients because they can be learned. Because Korea has become popular for many reasons their food also gain an attention and so we can be able to know about them and become curious. Thankfully in this […]

When will North Korea Attack South Korea?

People in the North became very powerful when they were parted from South Korea. This is the only communist country in Asia and now they are using all of their money to make bomb such as atomic bomb, nuclear bomb and hydrogen bomb. This is the most terrible thing happening in this age. They always threaten […]

Featuring the making of Kimchi: One of the national dish of Korea

In this article, I will share with you the method that is done to make kimchi. Many people around the world already know about this spicy food and they also love it. there are many people who already tried making their own kimchi as it is easy to make. They love it that you can […]

The History of Korean-Japanese War

When the World War I was busy proceeding all over the world, Imperial Japanese attacked Korea and was finally captured in 1910. This was the beginning of the sufferings of the Korean while being helpless under the Japanese Imperial ruling. Korea was invaded but Pusan not to be touched by the Japanese. .Nevertheless, Koreans were […]

Korean food guide 102: The popular foods for the summer season

When you will think of a food that you can eat when the temperature is very hot and humid then for sure you will think of ice cream. It is the popular food that can let us feel cold. Or anything that has ice on it or soft drinks or any kinds of drinks that […]