The Incheon International was opened in March 29, 2001. It is one of the largest International Airport in the world. What is special about this is that it is built over the sea. Who would imagine that an airport would be established in a vast area of the sea. This is so amazing! Truly everything is possible in the One who governs the whole world. It is even easier to go to the Incheon International Airport because of the Incheon Bridge that is built as a highway over the sea. Thanks to this amazing development, people can now be a on the way to the sea.

When it was opened in 2001, It was proclaimed that anyone can visit Korea. That  moment, there are thousands of foreigners visiting Korea and that it became the source of story in during those times. The airport can accommodate thousands of people coming from different nations. Unlike other International Airport, this large airport has no traffic either on the subway or in any other railway, so for a short time, people can just go to and fro.

In Incheon International Airport, you can just freely sleep on the seats provided that are likely bed for those who are there. In fact, it is the second best airport that provides sleeping beds. What is so good in the Airport is that they provide self-check in to avoid long queue. There are also free shower rooms for those who want to stay in the airport. Wifi is very good so anyone can just access the internet freely.