Upon arriving Incheon International Airport, you can see that truly Korea is a very beautiful place in the East. The Incheon International Airport is built over sea of Incheon. Here are the tourist attractions at Incheon. Incheon is one of the most amazing city in Korea and that will take your breath away.

Songdo Central Park. Songdo Park is located in the central part of Songdo and is now the most famous park in Incheon and there are so many things to do there like picnic, dating and so on.

Incheon Bridge. Incheon Bridge is the most historic and amazing bridge in the world, the longest bridge in Korea. It is one of the tourist spot and most beautiful during night.

Wolmido Sunset. Wolmido reveals its beautiful sunset which becomes the tourist attraction in Wolmido, the sunset blows up sorrows of those who visit the place.

Yonggungsa Temple. People visit this place to see how amazing the history of Korea is that is bing preserved by the Temple in Korea.

Seonjaedo Beach Resort . Seonjedo Beach Resort in Incheon is one of the most beautiful beach resort in the world. The beach has a road that divides the beach into two. It is not literally road because no one built that as a road. It is a natural formation in the shore of the sea.

Incheon Grand Park . No doubt this park is a tourist attractions since it is filled with trees and where animals and visitors take shield from the sun. It gives a cool feeling when the wind blows.